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Cementitious Waterproofing

Super Blockade
1-part cementitious coating

Hydro Plug
Stops running water leaks

Why use cementitious waterproofing products?

Today's advanced, polymer modified cement-based waterproofing systems offer many advantages over asphaltic and plastic membrane systems, and are the preferred choice for many concrete and masonry applications. They have been proven in a wide range of environments on masonry and concrete projects, including building foundations, basements, tunnels and water retaining structures such as water tanks and dams. Points to consider when using a waterproofing system include:

  • Becomes Part of the Substrate. Cement-based products are not merely a surface coating. Properly applied, they chemically bond to the concrete or masonry substrate, and become part of the structure. They are non-softening, unlike asphaltic materials.
  • Seamless. Using our Blockade products on vertical surfaces plus Hydro Plug at any wall/floor joints can result in a continuous, seamless coating.
  • Puncture Resistant. Because of the hardness and strength of cementitious products, sharp objects do not easily puncture them. Minor localized damage can be patched, and does not jeopardize the integrity of the entire surface, as can happen with membrane-based systems.
  • Above or Below Grade, Positive or Negative. While our Blockade products are ideal for waterproofing new foundations and retaining walls made of concrete or cement block on the positive side, they are also highly effective at waterproofing these structures from the negative side. They can be used above or below grade. For negative side applications, contact your Merlex representative.
  • Apply to Damp Surfaces. Cement-based products require the substrate to be moistened for proper absorption and adhesion. This makes them ideal for damp basements and tunnels.
  • Efficient and Economical. Cementitious coatings can be mixed and applied by normal masonry or cement finishing crews. Often, Blockade products are used in place of mechanical finishing and concrete rubbing.
  • VOC Compliant. Cementitious products are water based, and have no petroleum solvents.
  • Attractive Final Finish. Blockade and Super Blockade offer an attractive brushed white or grey finish. Blockade Finisher, trowel-applied over a parge coat of Blockade, allows you to achieve a variety of decorative color coat stucco textures.
  • No Black Grade Line. When asphaltic coatings are used below grade on foundations, it is recommended to stop application slightly below grade and backfill to cover the unsightly black material. This obviously exposes part of the foundation to surface moisture. In contrast, Blockade products can be applied from the footer to the top of the foundation wall for total, attractive protection.
  • Can Replace Block Fillers. In above grade applications, Blockade and Super Blockade can replace block fillers prior to painting, yielding a waterproof surface, which will stop wind driven rain.