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No Matter What Color You Choose,
Merlex Stucco is Green
Merlex Title 24 Wall Systems
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Merlex Stucco takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Every decision we make in raw material sourcing, production processes, and logistics first considers environmental impact.

Merlex Stucco is a "green" building material - Natural, Sustainable, Responsible, and Durable.

Natural: Made from all naturally-occurring readily available minerals - limestone, clay, gypsum, and sand.

Sustainable: We recycle every possible waste stream in our production process, and so do our vendors.

Responsible: We source only California sand and cement in our Color Coat Stucco, so trucking fossil fuel use is minimized and we support our local businesses.

Durable: Merlex Color Coat Stucco, properly applied, will last as long as the building it is put on, which is a smart way to build your home and an efficient way to use our natural resources.

American Society for Testing & Materials

U.S. Green Building Council

Go Green Association

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