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Company History

Merlex Stucco Inc. was founded by my father, Merle VerBurg, in 1963. He had no money but he did have courage and the experience to make the best quality stucco. He borrowed $25,000. from family and friends who had faith in his ability to build a business from scratch. Dad put everything on the line to build the company; he built our reputation on American dreams, a poor young man returning from World War II as a hero.

He made his bones working for my grandfather’s sand company in Southern California. The right sand is critical to manufacture perfect stucco. Through the years he learned the stucco business working for a competitor. He had a goal and he managed in his lifetime to become the most respected manufacturer of stucco in Southern California.

Orange County, where our main plant is located, grew over the years and my dad was right in the middle of the growing need for single family homes. I believe my father fulfilled his American dream by building Merlex.

In the early 1990’s my father died of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. The day before he died, while he was in ICU, he asked the nurse to give him a phone so he could order bags for our stucco. That’s how he slipped away, ordering bags for his beloved stucco company, Merlex.

Since then, I have spent the years developing new quality products and expanding our markets. We still think of my dad and live by his timeless business values -- Honesty, Integrity, and Manufacturing products we can always be proud to sell around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read our company story.

Susan VerBurg

CEO (Merle’s daughter)