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Bonding Agents & Admixes

  Liquid bonding agent for plaster and concrete
  Brush, roller or spray applied
  Merlex Superhold is a premium quality, ethylene vinyl acatate emulsion which allows the adhesion of gypsum plasters and portland cement materials to existing surfaces. Its unique formulation is high build, film forming and re-emulsifiable. It is ready to use and has a blue tint to make coated areas identifiable.
  • Ready-to-use, no mixing.
  • Tenacious bond to a wide variety of materials.
  • Simple application with brush, roller or spray.
  • May be used over damp or dry surfaces.
  • Not affected by high alkalinity associated with lime plasters and portland cement.
  • Increases resistance to humidity.
  • High tensile and shear strength.
  • Does not become brittle.
  • Non-flammable, VOC compliant.
  • VOC: 8 g/l
and Storage
  Available in 1 gallon (3.8 ltr) bottles and (19 ltr) 5 gallon pails. Do not store in direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be between 50° F (10° C) and 90° F (32°C). Protect from freezing. Shelf life is approximately 2 years with proper storage.
  It will cover approximately 250 to 300 sq. ft. (23 to 27.6 m2) per gallon on smooth surfaces. Porous surfaces, and those with coarse textures will require more material.
Surface Preparation

All receiving surfaces should be clean, free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, loose stone, loose sand, deteriorating paint or foreign materials which could hinder bonding ability. Smooth surfaces should be abraded before application. Porous surfaces should be lightly dampened before applying Superhold.

Try a test patch on questionable surfaces and allow to dry for 24 hours. If Superhold curls or cracks, the surface must be clean thoroughly prior to application.

Agent Application

No stirring or dilution is required. Superhold may be applied by hand using a brush or roller. It also may be spray applied using an airless sprayer that delivers at least 40 psi, with an orifice size of at least .020 inch (.5mm). Spray nozzle should be held approximately 18 inches from the surface and material should be applied in a criss cross pattern. Apply new material within 72 hours of Superhold application.

For maximum adhesion of new cementitious materials, use Merlex Acrylex as an admix (1 part of Acrylex to 3 parts water) plus Superhold (undiluted) on the substrate.

Clean Up
  Clean all tools and equipment with detergent and water immediately after use. Clean up spills, spatters and overspray before it is allowed to dry.
  Do not use in areas which are constantly exposed to water or where hydrostatic pressure is present, such as swimming pools, spas, fountains or decorative ponds. Do not allow to freeze, and do not apply over frozen or frost filled surfaces. Do not use when ambient temperature will fall below 40° F (4° C) within 72 hours after application. Do not dilute. Do not apply over water soluble materials.
  Merlex Superhold Bonding is warranted to perform in accordance with the product specification when used according to application instructions on the label. This warranty is limited and shall not exceed the total amount paid by the buyer for the product. In no event will Merlex Stucco, Inc. be liable for loss of profits, special or consequential damages in respect to any claim. The foregoing warranties are in lieu of all other warranties express or implied including those concerning fitness for a particular use.
Environmental & Safety
  Avoid contact with skin. Avoid breathing mist. Wash hands after use and before eating. For contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and consult physician. If ingested, induce vomiting and call physician. Keep out of reach of children.