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M Lofts in Los Angeles, CA
The Architect is KFA, the Builder is Frost Chaddock, and the plastering contractor is Pyramid Plastering.
The Merlex product used was our MX Fine finish.
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Merlex BASEX is specifically designed for application over brown coat where smooth-troweled finishes are used (such as Santa Barbara Finish). When mesh is embedded in BASEX, cracking is reduced significantly, which allows for higher-quality smooth-troweled finishes. BASEX contains a high percentage of polymer for flexibility, microscopic fibers for crack-resistance, and proprietary additives for workability and working time. The product has suction to ensure good bond between the finish plaster and base coat. BASEX can also be used on rescrubs directly over structurally sound existing plaster, eliminating the need for sandblasting. For more information please look to our Basex product page, call us at 714.637.1700 or contact us.