Merlex Stucco Keeping it Premium since 1963


Exterior Stucco

Exterior Stucco Exterior Stucco Exterior Stucco

Color Coat
True portland cement stucco

Polymer-modified base coat
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Insulex Concentrate

Santa Barbara Finish
Extra fine texture stucco

Stucco base and color system

Fog Coat
Final stucco wall color finish

Poly Prep
Bonds and primes EPS forms

Matrix Engineered Cement


The Merlex tradition of quality stucco products.

We began as a manufacturer of stucco and plaster finishes, and that is still the core of our business. Our founder, Merle VerBurg, was a demanding individual who insisted on providing the best product we could produce, pricing it competitively, and dealing fairly with our customers.

Today, Merlex is still a family-owned company, and we still take pride in producing what we believe are the best stucco products on the market.

We use only the finest ingredients available. Our color laboratory is exceptionally good at color matching. We blend each batch thoroughly to assure uniformity. We have strict quality control standards, and we work closely with architects and contractors to help them achieve the results they visualized.

We are still small enough to give top service and attention to every Merlex customer. Contact us for color samples, pricing and delivery information.

Also available for exterior stucco wall projects is Merlex Poly Prep. This one component cement is formulated to bond and base coat EPS architectural foam shapes. It is recommended by applicators for its easy mixing and handling.