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Mighty Bond
Bonding Agent

Advanced products for priming, bonding and improving the strength of portland cements.

The new generation of Merlex polymer modified products offers many benefits in building and restoration. These include the ability to bond new portland cement stucco and repair compounds to a variety of underlayment and increasing the strength and weather resistance of all types of portland cements. Merlex products include:

  • Acrylex. This is a versatile liquid acrylic adhesive and admixture. It allows Merlex two-compound cementitous waterproofing products to achieve their final properties. As a bonding agents, it aids adhesion and increases strength of portland cement materials when used as an admix.
  • Superhold. A ethylene vinyl acetate liquid bonding agent for the application of gypsum plasters and portland cements to existing concrete, masonry and other underlayments. Simple application, ready to use, and tinted to assure complete coverage without holidays.
  • Mighty Bond. A premium quality P.V.A. adhesive and admixture which improves bonding strength when applying portland cement mixes. May also be used to improve properties of portland cement materials as an admixture.