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Super Shower Finish FAQ

  1. What is the best substrate to use for the shower? Different substrates can be used with Super shower finish although a fiberglass re-enforced substrate attached with screws is preferred by many contractors. Once all of the substrate joints are taped with fiberglass mesh and sealed, a 3.4 diamond lath should be used over the substrate followed up with a scratch and brown system and then topped off with the Super Shower Finish. Thickness of the scratch and brown varies but a ½ inch system is common.
  2. Can I use a base and mesh system over Durock or Wonderboard? Yes. Use a 4 oz. mesh in Merlex Basex base coat material.
  3. Can I use water resistant gypsum board as a substrate? If so, what is the best system to use over it? Yes, you may use Super Shower Finish in conjunction with a waterproofed gypsum based substrate. However, all joints must be sealed prior to installing the 3.4 metal lath system mentioned. Drywall that is not water resistant should not be used. When using a waterproofed gypsum product, attaching the board should be done with screws and not nails.
  4. What kind of trowel do I use? Many contractors find that a pool trowel (a trowel with rounded edges) is best to use as it does not heat up as much as a standard steel trowel. This helps to prevent burn marks (dark marks) on the Super Shower Finish.
  5. Do I apply the Super Shower Finish like a Santa Barbara Finish? As with Santa Barbara Finish, the Super Shower Finish should be applied in two passes but not over tooled. If the product is over tooled, burn marks could occur on the surface and the continued applied pressure of the trowel to the surface will cause polymers to get squeezed to the surface and may cause small hair line fractures. The best rule of thumb is to achieve the desired surface consistency you are looking for and then let the finish take up on its own.
  6. Should I seal Super Shower Finish?  Super Shower Finish does not need to be sealed.
  7. How long should I wait to use my shower after the finish installation? The shower may be used after a 72 hour curing period. Cold weather may cause curing to be delayed by one day.
  8. Should I caulk around the edges? As with any area that is subjected to water, all edges should be caulked or sealed in order to prevent water penetration behind the installed system.
  9. Can I add color? Yes. Super Shower Finish comes in both white and gray cement bases which allows the contractor to add our Merlex colored pigments to the Super Shower Finish to provide a wide array of color choices.
  10. Can I use Super Shower Finish outside for a pool shower? Yes, with the assurance that Super Shower Finish will last      indefinitely due to the lasting power of a cement based product.
  11. Can I order Super Shower Finish with color premixed? Yes, just call a Merlex certified dealer or a Merlex representative for assistance and our order desk will be happy to assist you.
  12. Can Super Shower Finish be used in an automated car wash like the type that are installed at gas stations? Yes. Super Shower Finish is the ideal smooth finish over portland cement base coats, CMU and concrete walls inside the wash station.
  13. Can Super Shower Finish be used in locker rooms? Yes, Super Shower Finish can be used in locker rooms, and because it is a Portland Cement based product you can be assured of long lasting durability for high traffic areas.