Stucco helps architects meet Title 24 requirements

Title 24 has strict energy efficiency requirements that architects of structures built in California have to meet. The latest iteration-effective July 2014-has been the most impactful version yet, especially for wall systems. Now more than ever, designers are seeking ways to incorporate a significantly more insulative building envelope in new construction, additions, and alterations.

Three-coat stucco still popular in CA
As a result of the new energy code, there's been discussion about whether buildings in California can still have traditional three-coat stucco applications.

The answer is yes-Title 24 allows for the trade-off between one end of the house and the other. Many design professionals still specify three-coat stucco and make up for it with more energy efficient ceilings, windows, insulation, HVAC systems, etc.

Merlex' CI one-coat stucco system, Insulex, provides a high R-value and is also ICC-certified to perform like 3-coat stucco. It reduces time between plaster base coats, provides crack- and water-resistance, and may be used over a variety of substrates and be trowel- or spray-applied. Insulex can also be used as a brown coat application for a conventional three-coat system. Due to the new CI requirements of Title 24, more and more architects are specifying Insulex.

More Information
We are experts on Title 24's impact on wall systems and would be happy to present how to address the new insulation standards
to your office (see sidebar).

You are also more than welcome to call or email us with questions any time!

Title 24 Presentation at Your Office

Merlex is touring California presenting information on Title 24 to builders.

- New insulation standards
- Options and costs
- How to comply
- How to specify

followed by a Q&A session

To request a presentation, email Melissa Higgins with Merlex or call her at 714-637-1700.

Architects Specify Insulex for Higher Energy Efficiency

A continuous insulation one coat stucco system for superior energy efficiency.

- CA Title 24 compliant

- Optional LEED credits
- Low maintenance


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