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About Merlex Stucco

About Us Every company claims to have the best products and service. The difference is that Merlex backs it up. Here's what customers say about us:

Merlex Stucco is a small business built from the Midwestern tenacity of its founder, Merle VerBurg. Since 1992, this legacy has been carried forward by Merle's daughter, Susan VerBurg. With our dedicated staff of knowledgeable employees, Merlex offers the finest stucco products, paired with superior service and reliable, on-time delivery.

We believe that a small business serves its customer better than larger competitors because we all meet directly with our customers and aren't hidden away in a multi-layered corporate structure. We hear about your problems, what's working and what's not, and we get to know our customers better. We tailor our service to you, the customer, so that we are sure we meet your needs with the best possible products and prompt, value-added support.

At Merlex, sustainability is more than an industry trend; it's a shared passion. We see it as an energizing challenge – to create new products that make better use of natural resources and improve the built environment. You'll see this focus in our products, and you'll hear it from our sales representatives. We are well-informed about green building programs and regulations, and we are excited to apply our knowledge to your project.

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