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Interior Plaster

California 1-Kote Gypsum Plaster
Super Shower Finish

Genuine interior plaster and shower finishes from Merlex.

Given the popularity of gypsum wallboard in this country, it is easy to forget that traditional lath and plaster interior finishes still have many advantages, including:

  • Lasting durability. Plaster retains its strength for centuries.
  • Wear resistance. Plaster is a strong surface and much harder than standard wallboard. It is not easily punched or gouged. Consequently, maintenance is low.
  • No seams. When applied by trained craftsman on smooth, flat substrates, plaster surfaces do not exhibit the waviness and taped seams, which are so common with gypsum wallboard.
  • Water resistance. Merlex Shower Finish is an excellent finish wherever there are high moisture levels, including shower enclosures, bathrooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms and swimming pool dressing rooms.
  • Superior esthetics. Well-done plaster walls truly stand out, especially in today's world where second-rate construction is so common.

Merlex Super Shower Finish should be considered especially in these applications:

  • Quality custom homes. Nothing says quality like interior plaster.
  • Deluxe office space. When architectural impact really counts, modular wall panels are not the statement you want to make.
  • Specialty retail space. Restaurants, boutiques and jewelry stores are just a few of the retail environments, which demand a higher standard of interior detail.
  • Public buildings and institutions with a long service life. Interior plaster is ideal for churches, synagogues, university buildings, and government buildings, which are expected to last for many decades. Interior plaster finishes take a little more time to install from start to finish, but the cost is not that much more than wallboard. When you consider their long life and superior esthetics, they are an excellent value.

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