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California One-Kote

Description: California One Coat and California Kwik Patch are gypsum-basecoat patching plasters for repair and renovation of gypsum plaster wall systems. Both plasters are designed for a 'one coat' application up to ¾” of an inch thick in one pass. Color may be added to California One Coat. A gypsum plaster finish may be applied over both products or the finished surfaces may be painted.
Packaging: California One Coat / California Kwik Patch: 50lb / 22.7 kg bag
  • California one Coat and Kwik Patch are premixed so you can mix all or part of a bag and just add water.
  • May be applied to gypsum or metal lath bases.
  • Forty-five minute open time (20 minute for California Kwik Patch) provides enough time to get small patches done right and have a fast turn around time for finish coat or paint.
  • Can be troweled to a glass smooth surface. Ready to finish or paint, under normal conditions, in about 6 hours.
Substrates: California One Coat or California Kwik Patch may be applied over gypsum or metal lath or bonded to gypsum wall board.
Coverage: California One Coat or California Kwik Patch will do approximately 40 to 45 sq. ft. / 3.7 to 4.2 sq. meters at an applied thickness of ½” - over gypsum lath or wall board.
Coverage at ½” applied thickness over metal lath will be reduced by50%.
Mixing: California One Coat - Only mix enough material that can be applied in 40minutes California Kwik Patch – Only mix enough material that can be applied in 10minutes.
Mix patching plasters with approximately 5 gallons of potable water or 8 ½ ounces per pound. Use a clean pail and drill mixer to prepare the material. Add ½ the required water and all the powder to a clean pail. Add the additional water while mixing the plaster. Add enough water to bring to a working consistency. Do not exceed 2 minutes of mixing time per batch and the water quantities specified above. Thoroughly clean pail and drill mixer before mixing another batch.
Application: Apply California One Coat or California Kwik Patch with a hawk and trowel. Press firmly into place making sure to imbed the plaster into gypsum or metal lath bases. Do not apply more than ¾” in one pass.
If additional thickness is needed, leave the first coat with a rough surface. Apply the second coat only when the first coat is sufficiently hard so as not to be damaged by the additional application of material. Do not build the second coat to greater than ¼” in thickness.
California One Coat may be feathered to a thin edge to blend patches.
The following characteristics are based on moderate humidity and an ambient temperature of 70°F /21°C:
California One Coat will be workable for about 45 minutes. California Kwik Patch will have an open time of about 20 minutes.
California One Coat and Kwik Patch will be hard to the touch in 60minutes The plaster will be ready for finish or paint in 6 hours.
Drying / Curing: Gypsum plasters require stable temperatures and ventilation during application and during the period of time required for the plaster to dry. The required temperature range for the application and drying of gypsum plaster shall be 55°F – 70°F / 12°C – 21°C
Storage: California One Coat and California Kwik Patch shall be kept indoors or if stored outdoors, shall be adequately covered to keep dry and be stored off the ground.
Warranty: Manufacturers or Western Blended Products (WBP) warrants its products to be of merchantable quality and suitable for the general purpose for which they were intended, when applied in accordance with WBP instructions. Manufacturers of WBP do not warrant its products to be suitable for any purpose or use other than for which they were intended. Liability under this warranty is limited to supplying new material without charge, or at manufacturers of WBP option, to a refund of the purchase price. In the event of a claim under this warranty, written notice must be given to the originating plant of the WBP goods at the address shown hereon. This limited warranty is issued and accepted in lieu of all other expressed warranties, and expressly excludes liability for consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.