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Welcome to Merlex Stucco!

We are an LA regional stucco company offering the finest stucco products, including exterior stucco and acrylic stucco finishes. Merlex Stucco is a small business built from the Midwestern tenacity of its founder, Merle VerBurg. Since 1992, this legacy has been carried forward by Merle’s daughter, Susan VerBurg.

As a small business, we believe we offer our clients superior service to that provided by our larger competitors, because we all meet directly with our customers and aren’t hidden away in a multi-layered corporate structure. Our dedicated staff of knowledgeable employees truly care about earning and keeping your business by providing the best service, quality stucco products, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

Not sure what color you want for your stucco finish? Browse our residential or commercial galleries to view the options! Our industry-leading color matching and technical support will help complete your vision.

Click here to view our locations.

What to love about our Stucco products:
  • Excellence in color manufacturing: Our proprietary color computer system allows our experienced color lab to match virtually anything in stucco, and ensures that our colors are consistent over time.

  • Products our customers love to work with: Our product line is designed to provide our professional customers with workable products that allow them to consistently achieve beautiful, lasting results.

About Us

MX Acrylic Finishes

Merlex Stucco now has an acrylic finish product line to offer customers.

MX Acrylic Finish offers you a user-friendly, competitively priced acrylic finish product, to go with our industry-leading color matching and technical support.

MX Acrylic Finishes MX Acrylic Finishes MX Acrylic Finishes

MX Acrylic Finishes

Features include:

  • Crack-resistance
  • Color uniformity
  • Water-shedding ability
  • Darker colors than traditional cement stucco
  • Available in Medium, Classic, Fine, and Super Fine textures
  • Custom color matches in 2-3 days
About Us

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Merlex Basex Crack Reduction System Base & Mesh Video

Contains 10% post industrial recycled material.
Merlex Crack Reduction System - Base & Mesh Video

Contact Us for Stucco Questions

Contact Merlex to learn more about stucco repair, stucco walls, and shower finish. Please send us an e-mail if you have any product information questions or concerns. We will try and respond to you within 24 hours.
Contact Us
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